Purchasing Guide

Property Purchase Agreement

Purchase agreement is written in English and Turkish. This contract includes information about the real estate, the buyer and the seller, necessary details about the payment, the time of the conveyance, property completion date, etc.

If you appointed a Solicitor he will check for you the following issues:

● Does the property have good title 
● Does the owner actually own it 
● Is the land/property clear of outstanding debts 
● Has the builder legal construction permit

Payment terms

The payment structure depends on the building stage of the construction. There is an independent governmental Building Control Officer who inspects our developments during every stage of construction and controls if it meets with local authority and national building standards. You will regularly receive photos confirming each stage of the construction achieved.

Land Registry Office and TAPU

In most European countries the buyer and seller go to a public notary to have the property put in the name of the new owner. The public notary is responsible for the correct settlement of this procedure. The public notary is also responsible for the delivery, which often takes place in the form of a 'deed of transfer' and the entry in the property register.

In contrast to this, the entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by a public notary, but by an official of the Property Registry Department (Land Regisrty Office). It is legally compulsory for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. It is possible to authorize another person to do so (i.e. give someone power of attorney) but the authorization requires a notary deed.

The delivery of the deed of transfer does not require the intervention of a public notary in Turkey. The only applicable stipulation concerning the delivery is that it takes place in writing. After the entry and delivery the property register issues you will get a proof of ownership, which is called 'TAPU'.

A photocopy of your passport, details of your mother's & father's names and 4 passport size photos are needed at this point.

With the new law approved in January 2006 you can get your TAPU within 1 day. It requires to pay the purchase tax and earthquake insurance, after this the Land Registry Office transfers the property to you as the new owner of the property on the land register, and they give immediately the TAPU in the land register which is signed on your name(s). This page in the land register proves you as the owner of the property.

Taxes and Fees

Lawyer’s fee: In Turkey it is not compulsory to engage a solicitor in property purchase. However it is highly recommend using a Solicitor to give you a peace of mind.

Notary fee: If you would like to appoint another person to accomplish title deed transfer instead of you, you will need to make Power of Attorney by public Notary. An official translator must be present by this procedure.

Land Registry Fee: This fee is taken by Land Registry Office for accomplishing title deed transfer procedure.

Property Transfer Tax: 2%

Earthquake insurance: It is compulsory in Turkey to ensure property against earthquake. The value of insurance depends on size, price, location and construction material of the property.

Reservation deposit

Once you have decided which property to buy you need to pay a deposit to reserve it and stop it being sold by the property owner to somebody else until the procedures are all done. Reservation fee will be 1000 Euro. Once reservation fee has been paid your property will be taken off the market for a period of 14 days in which time Property Purchase Agreement will be signed and first payment will be organized.




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