Topcu Group Construction & Real Estate & Investment

In the year 1999, our firm had been active in the field of retail gold marketing sector in the leadership of Murat TOPÇU. Our firm had started its activities in the real estate sector which was rapidly expanding and during this process, the firm had gone into a partnership with Gerald Harkin who is an Irısh citizen and continued to market real estate to foreigners. Our firm had been marketing the real estates that have been constructed by other companies during the first few years; however from the year 2001 on, we had

another partner investor in our firm by name Harry John TUITE who is also an Irısh citizen, and we have started producing our products and selling at the same time. Our firm with its three partners continued its activities and had established a furniture and white goods mall as a branch of the firm. During this process our firm had given priority to quality and 100 % customer satisfaction. Until the year 2005, our firm had completed 4 projects around Alanya region as Topçu İnşaat.

In the year 2005, Murat Topçu had gone into a partnership again with two Irish citizens John Joseph Moore and Rymond Joseph Flyn and they have made investments and the company All Ireland İnşaat Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi was founded and they had purchased Platan Alpina Hotel. At a later date the name of the hotel had been changed into Sonas Alpina Hotel. Our firm had taken a step in the sector of hotel management starting from the year 2005. We have been active in this field successfully for a period of four years




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