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Welcome to Topcu Construction and Real Estate Company 

We are your reliable partner for all property matters in the Belek and Alanya region. Our International team of dedicated professionals speak English, German and Russian. We have wide knowledge of the local market and currently available properties. We are enthusiastic, dynamic and active; we always do our best to satisfy our customers. 
If you are looking for high quality, honesty and best value for money then choose our company as your partner. We will be happy to provide you with proper advice and assistance during your property search in Belek and Alanya. Our company is committed to providing an honest service to its clients to ensure you buy the property right for you and your needs. Our local grounding and experience enables us to guide you efficiently and expertly through property purchasing in Turkey, but we also understand the need for a good one-stop after sales service. We regard this as a vital asset, and through a professional and personal service; aim to make your home purchase an efficient and pleasant experience. 

Property search and purchasing 
◊ We arrange for you a favorable inspection trip in Belek and Alanya. You can expect all travel and accommodation arrangements to be made for you, collection from the airport, and a personal tour of the local properties that best meet your criteria and return to the airport at the end of your stay. 
◊ We provide full and complete information on the legal aspects of purchasing and title of the properties. 
◊ We deal with all necessary legal procedures and formalities and organize receipt of the TAPU (deed title) in the local Land Registry Office. 

After Sale Service 
We provide you assistance with all administrative and official matters, such as: 
◊ Registration of electricity connection/supply and water connection/supply at the respective authorities. 
◊ Application for a telephone connection. 
◊ Getting a Turkish tax number. 
◊ Assistance with opening a bank account.
◊ Assistance with the application for an Ikamet (residential permit). 
◊ Insurance for building and household goods (earthquake, theft, fire etc.). 

Property Management 
◊ Are you in need of furniture and curtains for your new home? We have local business contacts providing the best prices and we know the local value for many situations. We can give you the best advice and recommend local shops where you can find the furniture and equipment you need for the favourable price. On request one of our team members with a car can help you with the shopping. 
◊ We pay your water, electric and telephone bills and your taxes. 
◊ We check that your building is secure, provide a cleaning service and generally maintain your property inside and out. This includes gardening, swimming pool cleaning and disinfection for insects. 
◊ We provide technical service with all types of repairs and restorations, Interior Design and decoration, Building of extensions or additions and Building of a swimming pool. We can introduce you to the most professional technicians. 
◊ While you are absent we provide house keeping and maintainance services for your property. We inspect your property at regular intervals; in the event of any damage caused by rainfall/thunderstorm and/or any other external conditions we will immediately inform you and if requested the damage will be repaired as soon as possible. We also pay in time all your water, electric and telephone bills and your taxes. 
◊ If you notify us in advance of the date of your arrival, we will ventilate your home and will ensure that your home is cleaned. It will be no trouble to have one of our team members, at your cost, to stock up your fridge for your arrival. We can arrange for you a transfer from the airport to Belek. 
◊ We provide you advice in all everyday life issues like medical assistance and insurance. We know the area and the people you can apply to. 
◊ We provide renting service 
◊ If there is any other service you are in need of that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

The services we offer are either free of charge or subject to a small fee that is based on the amount of work performed and assessed as per case. Please contact us for the details.

Free property inspection trip

Free property inspection trip

Inspection tours are a great opportunity to see and compare several properties in one visit, get an idea of local amenities and facilities, put your questions to the experts, secure your dream property by putting down a deposit, explore the surrounding areas, maybe squeeze in some time on the beach or at the golf course, and ofcourse learn our company.

Purchasing Guide

Purchasing Guide

Purchase agreement is written in English and Turkish. This contract includes information about the real estate, the buyer and the seller, necessary details about the payment, the time of the conveyance, property completion date, etc.





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